"Those who give, (in charity) out of their own possessions, by night and by day, in private and in public, will have their reward with their Lord: no fear for them, nor will they grieve."
- Qur'an [2:274]

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Who we are

We donate to to make lives healthier and happier for the poor. Striving to alleviate suffering in the form of hunger, illiteracy and diseases without regard to colour, race or creed and to do it in a compassionate and dignified manner. The whole point is to Get to Know Them – their wants and needs and their aspirations. Despite all the hardships the poor go through, each individual has a smile on their face even as they relate their stories of sorrow.

>Who we are

Get to know them Bangladeshis a non-profit NGO for underprivileged Bangladeshi children and empowering people to change their lives from schools and health clinics to community development projects.

Phone: +880 1777311557
Email: gtkt2014@gmail.com
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