"Those who give, (in charity) out of their own possessions, by night and by day, in private and in public, will have their reward with their Lord: no fear for them, nor will they grieve."
- Qur'an [2:274]

We have new donation projects from time to time when we put up requirement lists. These are detailed lists that mention the nature and quantity of items needed for the project. You can choose from the list the particular items you want to buy and send them to us. For those of you living abroad, you can send us the money to buy your chosen items.

New Project- Emergency Appeal

                     Rohingya Muslims in Crisis

   Names of Items  Quantity  Bought
 1  Tablet  1,000
 2  Tablet Entacyd 1,000
 3  Tablet Deslor 1,000
 4  Orsaline 1,000
 5  Band-Aid 1,000
 6  Sterile Gauze 1,000
 7  Cotton Roll 1,000  
 8  Savlon Cream (30 grams) 1,000
 9  Povisep Cream (5 grams) 1,000
 10 Sanitary Napkins 1,000
 11  Soap (Savlon) 1,000  
 12  ToothBrush 1,000
 13  ToothPaste (Pepsodent- 100 grams) 1,000
 14  Comb 1,000
 15  Shampoo (small pack) 1,000
 16  Candle 1,000
 17  Sandal 1,000
 18  Mustard Oil (250 milliliter) 1,000  
 19  Mosquito Net 950
 20  Plastic Sheet 1,000

1. Please, choose your items from the table above. 
(Items that will have a next to it are already bought, please feel free to choose items that are available)
2. Please, click below and fill out the Donation Slip. The Donation Slip is for you to confirm the items, and we will then update the list. Remember, only AFTER we receive the Donation Slip from you, you can buy your chosen items. 
3. AFTER you have purchased your items, please do contact us and we will then provide you with the address, where you will have to send your donations.
Sunday, the 24th of September 2017 will be the LAST day to collect all the donations. 
Jazak Allahu Khayran/Thank you.
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