"Those who give, (in charity) out of their own possessions, by night and by day, in private and in public, will have their reward with their Lord: no fear for them, nor will they grieve."
- Qur'an [2:274]

Prophet Muhammad said,

"Allah will not be merciful to those who are not merciful to mankind"

- Sahih Bukhari



Get to Know Us

A few years back, I sent some of my old clothes to a local orphanage called "Shorkari Shishu Poribaar." Soon after, I received a phone call from the same NGO saying how grateful they were for those very clothes which I had not even given a second thought to. I was so overwhelmed by their gratitude, I felt inclined to visit the NGO myself. A month later, me and two of my help members, visited the NGO with Energy biscuits, Shezan juice and some more old clothes. When we reached the place, we were greeted by these little orphans who looked very happy to be receiving our gifts, even though our clothes might have even been too big for them. Where we fail to find happiness despite being abundantly rich in material items, and they were happy with so little! At that moment, I decided I wanted to do something more with these children and many others like them. That was the beginning of Get to Know Them.

- Shazia Chowdhury, Founder

Our Aim

Since 2014, we have been donating to various places that require help. We strive to alleviate suffering in the form of hunger, illiteracy and diseases without regard to colour, race or creed and to do it in a compassionate and dignified manner.

There are numerous places which are outside the government’s support. Despite their managements’ best efforts, people living in such places still suffer mentally, physically and financially. That is where we step in to collect donation in the form of items that they require and distribute them accordingly.

Places that we have already worked with:

  • Shorkari Shishu Poribaar (Girls Orphanage)
  • Darul Uloom Orphanage (Boys Orphanage)
  • Hope for Destitute Women and Children
  • Bangladesh Down Syndrome Association
  • Subarta Trust (Old Home)
  • ASHIC Foundation (Childhood Cancer)
  • Homes for the Blind


We plan to work with places such as:

  • Old Homes
  • Boys/Girls Orphanages
  • Cancer Clinics
  • Homes for Underprivileged Families
  • Homes for Abandoned Children and Destitute Mothers
  • Childhood Cancer Shelters
  • Slum Areas
  • Homes for Children with Down Syndrome
  • Underprivileged Schools
  • Homes for the Blind
  • Shelters for Women’s Justice
  • Homes for Acid Survivors
  • Homes for Specially Challenged Individuals


For now, we are only distributing donated items around Dhaka, Bangladesh but would like to spread outside Dhaka in the near future.

How You Can Be Involved

If you would like to donate items, we provide an updated list (on our website- Donation List) of things that are required for the particular place we are working with currently. You can contact us through our website, on Facebook or phone. Donators can choose what they would like to donate and send us the items. Since different donators can end up sending the same items, we keep updating what has been purchased so the next donator can buy things which we haven’t received yet. After the items are collected, it is our responsibility to distribute it to the different organizations.

The type of items we usually collect are:

  • Dry Food
  • Medicines
  • Clothes
  • Accessories – combs, clips, hair bands, etc
  • Bags
  • Shoes
  • Blankets
  • Chocolates or other candies
  • Books and Stationaries
  • Other non-perishable, essential items


The type of items may vary according to the place we are donating to. For example, while working with a home for new mothers, we might require more sanitary napkins, feeding bottles, and diapers and so on whereas a place for the elderly would require more medicines, walking sticks, wheelchairs and so on.

The best part about our organisation is that you get involved as much or as little as you want to get. What this means is, aside from giving donations you can also volunteer to help collect the items and accompany us when we go distribute them. You can also spread the message so that more people can help us in our effort to work together for a better world.

We also have donation facilities for those of you living abroad. Please click on 'Donation List' and 'Charity Feeding Drive' on our homepage.

Get to Know Them

Every activity that we do is regularly posted online for donators to see. However, what makes us different and is the inspiration behind our name is that after the distribution is done, we randomly pick a few people and ask them about their lives, future plans and dreams. In the case of children, we ask for consent from the management team before doing so. These stories and updates are then posted online on our website. The whole point is to Get to know them – their wants and needs and their aspirations. What will amaze you every time is that despite all the hardships they go through, each one of these individuals will greet you with a smile on their faces even as they relate their stories of sorrow.



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